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Hey I'm Momo. I'm from Florida but go to college in New Jersey. I swim a lot and cosplay and draw when I'm not swimming.

This is my COSPLAY ACCOUNT. My art dA :iconbutterflier00:

I love cosplaying because I love creating and making stuff....and I love meeting people and making friends. And I will talk to basically anyone that comes up to me....

Feel free to call me Cris, Momo, or what ever character you first saw me cosplay as, this includes male characters.

Current Residence: Jersey CIty
Operating System: Voltron
Favourite cartoon character: Sokka!
Personal Quote: Fangirls. They can smell fear just by looking at yah so keep quiet.
i now try to not review until its been about a week since the episode just so i'm not just in awe and emotional about it being over...and not seeing any of the problems...and this is gonna be a stream of consciousness type thing...cause that's how i role...

all in all...i loved it...the action...we saw how the characters have grown and matured......but the last few minutes...aka the wedding scene and reception...and how they mostly wrapped up the relationships...and barely hinting at what the hell actually happened (aka how did korra actually make the spirit it that gonna effect the balance of is Kuvira gonna answer for her crimes...)

... it was a little anti-climactic...aka i was expecting to cry...i have cried in 6/7 avatar finales...i was expecting it to make it 7/7

and how Korra said she had to suffer to be more compassionate to people like kuvira...i don't remember a time when she wasn't compassionate..if anything...her 'flaw' was they she was impulsive...and that's it...and that's why i liked her...among other reasons...the others being she was just like me when i was 17...and its not often when you see people like her/me in media...especially as the title protagonist.

though Korrasami endgame was nice...i like how they did it..and was actually surprised that they did it...

i can't wait to read the possible comics...and maybe have to questions answered about what actually happened with the spirit portal...and what's gonna happen to the earth empire and republic city...

also where was Naga...?

we barely saw the Avatar's Animal Guide...

stream over...


Ghazan WIP by momo-chan59
Ghazan WIP i bought the fabric yesterday and drafted the patterns and cut the fabric...then started sewing..

this is after 5 hours or work...

not bad...measure twice cut once.

i'm gonna try to make the over vest darker...

and all i have to do is add the trim and alter the shoes...

still need to buy wig and boots
DC Bombshells Wonder Woman: Vambraces by momo-chan59
DC Bombshells Wonder Woman: Vambraces

3mm Craft Foam and Hot glue, primed with plasti-dip, painted with silver spray paint, distressed with black acrylic wash.

i burned
genderbend rin- cosplay altered by momo-chan59
genderbend rin- cosplay altered
i altered it last night...

i bought this cosplay on ebay...every well made...would buy other stuff from them.

i should probably put sohe fray check on the seams before i start doing some heavy wearing...
Cosplay WIP: Surpass Me Korra: Vambraces by momo-chan59
Cosplay WIP: Surpass Me Korra: Vambraces
based on the fanart of the same title by :develsavilla:

here's the reference material:…

and here's a video where i better show the things:…

Materials used:
EVA foam (2mm)
Worbla: for stability of the Vambraces the the little elbow piece
Hi-temp Hot glue
Plasti-dip for Priming
Aluminum Metallic Spray paint
and a mix of Slick/Matte finish Black Craft paint and Puffy silver metallic craft paint
invisble zippers

So i'm making my own headcanons about why she dresses like this as a more adult avatar (probably mid-twenties)

but i'm not gonna bore you with them until its down...

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